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    All faculty and staff who access information resources must complete a Computer Security Awareness Training annually.

    Computer Technicians


    Generation IM: The 21st Century Learner in the Advanced Academics Classroom.

    Practice course

    Reading Competency II - FOR-PD 2013

    SNL 2014 Book Study

    The School Board of Highlands County recognizes the importance of developing and preparing teacher leaders to become future school instructional administrative leaders. School administration has become a critical shortage area for many school districts. The ever increasing demands on school administrators to enhance instruction, improve student achievement, develop teacher leaders, provide research-based professional development, implement high effect size strategies, manage school safety issues, and meet state and federal initiatives and mandates to name a few, requires a well-trained and well-prepared cadre of candidates prior to applying for administrative positions.

    In order to provide this opportunity for individuals aspiring to become future instructional school leaders in Assistant Principal positions, the district is offering an Aspiring School Administrators Program (ASAP) for eligible candidates. The program will be a two-year cohort program with structured course offerings and field experiences.

    This course is for substitutes required to renew their substitute certificate.

    This course focuses on the Ethics in Education Act.  It consists of a PowerPoint Presentation, resource documents, a quiz, and written assignments.  Participants must pass the quiz with a 100% and submit all written assignments.